10 Reasons Why SMBs Must Implement a Customer EXPERIENCE Management Culture Today

11/08/2016 by Logan Nathan

Are you guilty of treating digital marketing as a ‘nice to have’ than an integral part of your business strategy? With most Small To Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) treating the Social and Mobile experience as a mere “check in the box”, without translating it into a mechanism to live up to their customer expectations, it’s not a surprise why most SMB brands have not emerged beyond being just another product/service! SMBs must branch out their digital efforts to build stronger business relationships with their customers.That calls for not only collecting useful customer insights, but leveraging the information to optimise every interaction from the customer’s perspective to fos

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7 Reasons Why SME Businesses Must SURFACE In 2016 And Beyond

01/08/2016 by Logan Nathan

Businesses that have already surfaced to the cloud are aware of the massive efficiencies they are able to reap using web and mobile applications leveraging the latest digital hybrid technology hardware interfaces. With the growing need for Small to Medium Enterprise Businesses (SMEs) to become more productive and versatile, there has never been a more perfect time to embrace cloud, excel in your passion and make your business SURFACE as a leader in your niche. If you have read any of my previous articles, you probably know where I am heading to! Yes, you guessed it! I will be using SURFACE as an acronym to explain why a hybrid device and a cloud interface can push your SME business throu

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How To Leverage Digital Transformation to Become Global STARS? – A Case Study

23/06/2016 by Logan Nathan

Although I’ve been in the digital marketing scene for over a decade, my experience writing my latest book, ‘A Guide to Digital Transformation for SMEs’ further increased my sensitivity to the subtle and drastic changes that occur in the world of business. Most of these changes are fueled by innovation using digital technology! This Case Study Is About How an Ordinary Individual Took Extraordinary Actions and Become a Global Star! Most of us are aware of companies such as AirBnB and Uber, who have innovatively revolutionised the way we book our accommodation and travel using Social, Local and Mobile Information and Digital Technologies. Valued at over billions of dollars, neither of

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The SMART Way to Kick-Start Social Selling In 2016

27/01/2016 by Logan Nathan

From what used to be a futile idea considered to die off soon, in just over 5 years “Social Selling” has forced the most brilliant minds to shift the conversation from “Is Social Selling worth it for my business?” to “How can I adopt social selling for my online business?” and now in 2016 “How can my business excel at Social Selling to reach or exceed my sales quota?” Like a game changer, Social Selling has revolutionised the way businesses are looking at their customers and vice versa. As the practice becomes more commonplace, Social Selling in 2016 is going to be a question of how well you do it rather than to do it or not! So what will Social Selling mean for you

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6 Social Media Trends SMEs need to Watch Out For in 2016

09/12/2015 by Logan Nathan

“Do you know that a whopping 80% of SMEs in Australia lack a strategic social media plan! According to Sensis Social Media Report for 2015, only 33% of businesses have a social media presence compared with 68% of consumers on social media, which means this remains a fairly untapped avenue for SMEs in Australia. If your SME business still lacks a social media presence, while your customers are actively using it, there is a great chance that they are buying from your competitors rather than you! If you do have a social media presence but lack strategy, then without doubt you’ll be finding it hard to generate the return on investment! With just a couple of weeks to go before we

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8 Ways to OPTIMISE Your Small Business for Google Search in 2016

02/12/2015 by Logan Nathan

If you are a business owner keen to be ahead of your competitors online, then this post will help you review and plan on how well is your online presence optimised for 2016 and the things you need to do in order to tackle the upcoming digital marketing challenges for your business! Every year, Google rolls out a host of sweeping updates to its search engine algorithm most of which are dictated through changes in user preferences. In 2015, there were 3 major updates by Google! 1. Mobilegeddon (April 22, 2015) – Google’s algorithm update indicating that mobile-friendly websites will be given preference in search results. 2. Quality Update (May 3, 2015): Google introduced some ne

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7 Ways to Gear up Your Small Business Website for 2016

25/11/2015 by Logan Nathan

Are you a small and medium business owner looking for a way to improve your online marketing branding and ROI in 2016? If yes, then read on… Did you know that you have less than 10 seconds to make a first great impression with your company website today? The fact is that start-ups, entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses are struggling hard to keep their heads above the water, let alone thrive in this neck to neck competitive online landscape! Having said that, it’s imperative for your online business to have a website that provides a quick interpretation of the benefits, easy navigation through pages, develop credibility and prompt site visitors to take a desired action. H

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Branding Yourself on LinkedIn– Landing Your Next Dream Job with REAL LIFE Skills!

20/11/2015 by Logan Nathan

With the advent of social media platforms, the process of identifying smart post-graduate students to fill key senior positions with a company has tremendously evolved over the years! However, how many of these fresh graduates have adopted the REAL LIFE skills required to establish a strong online identity, beat competition and land their next dream job? You guessed it! Only a handful. “When it comes to Social Media, you don’t need to tell the young generation how to use it! However, LinkedIn is different and a vast majority of young, tech-savvy individuals pursuing professional studies fail to position themselves correctly, in order to land their next dream job during their pos

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5 Social Selling RULES to Tell Your Audience Great Business Stories online!

09/10/2015 by Logan Nathan

Story-telling is a term thrown into the boardroom more often than I drink coffee! But have you ever wondered what story-telling has got to do with ‘Social Selling’ business! Well, the answer is: Everything! Paraphrasing seasoned digital marketer, Seth Godin, people are no longer interested in the products you sell, but the stories you tell! Why so? As I highlighted in my latest book: Think Digital: The Ultimate digital transformation guide for SMEs: Storytelling has the power to captivate the senses of our audience on a level that’s simply unattainable when we keep on bragging about our products or services alone! Let me explain this further by sharing with you 5 quick RULES of

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19/06/2015 by Logan Nathan

Once the “oops” moment goes viral, trust me, there’s very little you can do about it. Has this happened to your company? Without a well-defined Social Media Policy, you are exposed to your own ‘oops’ moments sooner or later! No doubt promoting via Social Media is a powerful asset for businesses trying to grow online and achieve as part of their Digital Transformation goals. When used correctly, it can open floodgates to brand awareness, site visits, engagement and conversion. However, without well sought-out guidelines the same asset can turn into a heavy liability with serious legal implications. Being a digital transformation strategist, I believe that businesses not only n

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