Social Media Tools To Get The Edge On Competition written by Logan Nathan

23/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

Social media is increasingly being talked about in corporate circles as the new wave of marketing. Both large and small organisations have taken up the challenge, revamping their marketing strategies with social media as a key element of the overall marketing plan. For an effective social media marketing campaign the right social media tools are the key to long-term success. These tools must be carefully integrated into a social media plan so that they complement each other for a synergistic effect. . . .

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Can Social Networking Opportunities Spiral Business Growth? written by Logan Nathan

20/09/2009 by Logan Nathan

With the entire buzz surrounding the emergence of social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace and now Twitter, you may be wondering if there’s some way that you can harness the power of these tools to grow your business. Many businesses struggling with old school marketing techniques will be amazed to learn that Social Networking is the Internet’s fastest growing traffic generator, with new users signing up at a phenomenal pace. What is even more interesting to businesses is that the users join these networks not just for consuming information, but to actually interact create their own online content in a manner that was just not possible with traditional media. . . .

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Has Social Media Optimisation SMO Killed Search Engine Optimisation SEO

13/08/2009 by Logan Nathan

Getting a website ranked on the first page of search engines is the dream of all businesses that rely on the internet to drive traffic and generate sales. There are many strategies to achieve this objective, including Pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, linking and search engine optimisation (SEO). . . .

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Using Twitter – A Weapon For Search Engine Ranking

21/07/2009 by Logan Nathan

Getting a high ranking for your website may be difficult and a painfully slow process. With traffic being the lifeblood of your website business the innovative marketer has always found a way to sneak in through the back door and generate traffic. . . .

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Using Twitter – Traffic Strategies For Business

by Logan Nathan

There’s little doubt that Twitter has become a social phenomenon. But there’s more to Twitter than finding out what your best friend living 5,000 miles away is reading. There are little known secrets that big businesses and a few small ones are using to drive traffic to their websites using Twitter. . . .

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Website Design & Development Sydney – ICT Internet Presence (ICTIP)

25/06/2009 by Logan Nathan

ICTIP is and IT solution company owned and operated by Logan Nathan Pty Ltd providing design, developemnt and marketing support services for web based products and services aimed at medium to large size businesses. The ICTIP’s vision is “To be a beacon in providing online ‘Internet Presence’ web management, design & development products and services.” . . .

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The Growth Of Twitter And How It Can Impact Your Business? written by Logan Nathan

22/06/2009 by Logan Nathan

If like many others you thought that social bookmarking was all about Facebook and Myspace, then think again. Welcome to the world of Twitter. Politicians use it, corporate giants are on it and even film stars just cannot resist the temptation of posting a Tweet every now and then on Twitter. . . .

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Twitter Secrets for Your Business – eBook written by Logan Nathan

15/06/2009 by Logan Nathan

If you’ve been hearing the entire buzz about Twitter and how even Fortune 500 companies have embraced this social marketing phenomenon to leap-frog their marketing efforts, you may be feeling quite overwhelmed! . . .

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