Watching the London 2012 SoLoMo Olympic Games

05/08/2012 by Logan Nathan

By the time you read this article, the London 2012 games would be heading towards the final leg together with the big closing ceremony. While its early days yet, but let’s look back on the role of Social.Local.Mobile (SoLoMo) in Olympic Games. . . .

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The Impact of Social Media on the London 2012 Olympics

30/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

By the time this article comes out, the London 2012 Olympics would have officially gotten underway and millions would have flocked their televisions to enjoy the opening ceremony and the games themselves. When the 2008 Beijing Olympics took place, social media had not matured into the marketing platform it is today. Therefore, it is fair to state that this is the first Olympics that would happen in the middle of the social media frenzy. So how is this likely to affect or change the games as we know it? . . .

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A Social Local Mobile Business Solution for the Norwest Business/Sydney Hills Community

23/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

Analysts predict that SoLoMo (Social.Local.Mobile) is going to be the next social media wave that is going to hit the world. At ICT Internet Presence (ICTIP), we believe in staying in line with the technology, which is why a few weeks ago, we decided to convert the Norwest Business Directory into a fully-fledged SoLoMo business portal. Supported by the Sydney Hills council and in partnership with Custom Tec, the portal was developed by ICT Internet Presence. . . .

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Social Business, Human Resources and Employee Engagement

20/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

Social Business is a term that is on every marketer and CEO’s mind lately. Every discussion about business inevitably turns into one about social media and its role and impact on business. However, how many of us have considered our employees and how social media has affected and changed their day-to-day lives and behaviour. The current working generation is mostly made up of those who grew up with technology, internet. This is the generation that created and embraced social media. From an HR perspective have we ever stopped to think how this impacts organisational development? . . .

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Is your Business VISIBLE online to embrace the Social Business Solutions in the future?

19/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

Does your business have a website and a social media presence? But is that enough? Did you know that over 50% of searches are now done on mobile devices? Having just a website alone doesn’t cut it in today’s market, the bottom line has changed – the world is going social, local and mobile (SoLoMo). This revolution is happening now, are you a part of it? . . .

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Are you ready to transform your organisation into a Social Business?

10/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

After the founding of Facebook, social media was a buzz work for the industry but today it’s a way of life. Today social business suffers a similar fate – it’s a buzzword that companies can no longer afford to ignore. According to Dion, Hinchcliffe of the Dachis Group, social business “is what executives want. This will change our industry. This will dramatically improve our results.” So what difference does social business make? How is it different from social media? . . .

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Is your business a part of the SoLoMo Revolution?

04/07/2012 by Logan Nathan

Over the past twelve months, there has been a convergence of technology – Social Media, geo-location, and mobile devices. More and more consumers are accessing social media via their tablets or smart phones and checking into locations. The starting point for the SoLoMo (Social.Local.Mobile) era can be traced to the introduction of the iPhone and then the iPad. Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised data, communication and interaction. . . .

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How has Social Media changed Corporate Marketing?

30/06/2012 by Logan Nathan

Over the past few weeks, we have looked at the importance of social media for business, the role of social media in business intelligence and the state of social business. Now, lets take a look at how social media has affected business marketing. One of the biggest changes brought about by social media is that marketing & PR is no longer one way. Customers don’t have to listen to the message anymore, they can respond, criticise, participant. In one word, customers can ENGAGE. Its no longer communications, its conversation, as such social media has changed the way marketers interact with their customers.  The control has shifted from the companies to the consumers. The custom

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The Role of Social Media in Business Intelligence

24/06/2012 by Logan Nathan

Traditionally, companies would gather information and feedback from customers through suggestions boxes, feedback forms and periodic surveys via websites or through a particular focus group. This kind of intelligence gathering was often not 100% accurate and did not convey the true reality of the market and the business climate . . .

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What do CEO’s think of Social Media?

17/06/2012 by Logan Nathan

Sixty Four countries, 1709 CEOs from 18 industries – the findings from these have been compiled into IBM’s 2012 CEO report. Among the diverse range of topics covered social media is one of them, and it gives us expert insights into what today’s CEO think of social media and how are they using it to engage. . . .

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