Four Steps to Building your Social Media for Business Campaign

16/01/2012 by Logan Nathan

The year 2012 has been dubbed by experts as the year of social content and customer engagement. However for marketers the daunting task has always been how can they translate the time, effort and money spent on social media to get a Return on Investment (ROI). But social media has always intrigued marketers due to the fact that it adds interactivity which did not exist in traditional marketing.  Using Social Media campaigns marketers can engage and directly communicate with the customers, a feat that was impossible with traditional marketing channels. In an age when social media is the major online platform used by our current and future customers, what are the steps social marketers

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Social Media Wars – Who will dominate in 2012

16/12/2011 by Logan Nathan

What a year it has been in 2011 for those of us embracing social networking for business. The competition among major social media business channel’s in 2011, has been unprecedented. Most of the impetus for this activity is due to the new player in the social media market, being Google+. Looking towards 2012, which major social media channel will dominate the social media market for business. Will it be? Facebook – the seasoned giant; ideal B2C marketing tool Twitter – the underdog , but evolving quickly and radically Google+ – the rookie with a major search engine backing LinkedIn – being seen as a key social media platform for business relationship, rather than just re

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Ten Social Media for Business Marketing Management Platforms

by Logan Nathan

Are you a social media marketer for your business? Then you are probably handling multiple social media channels for your organisation. Apart from tweeting, posting you also need to look at measurements, ROI, and analytics. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could manage the content, the monitoring and management of all the social media channels in one platform? Here are the top ten social media marketing management platforms what will help you manage multiple social media accounts, measure ROI and engage prospects via content. Shoutlet – Social Media Marketing Management Platform Using this platform you can manage your social networks, create promotions & contest

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A Step-by-Step Guide to creating Google+ company pages – Local Business or Place

11/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

The just over 100 day old Google+, the search engine giant’s social media channel has just opened its doors to company and brand pages.  The social network already boasts of a 40 million member network and is the fastest growing social media channel. The company has also launched a complimentary feature called Google Direct Connect, which makes is easy for users to find Google+ pages using Google search. Although currently limited to brand and company pages, the feature will expand in the near future to include all business pages. With features such as hangout, circles, sparks and chat, Google+ has certainly won points for novelty and companies are scrambling to create their com

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How to brand your business using Social Media

07/11/2011 by Logan Nathan

Background When you hear the word brands, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Coco Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Google? Did you ever stop to think why these brands are so popular or why these names are a constant presence in our minds? What makes these brands stand out amongst millions of others? One word – branding. So what is branding? Well the key to success in branding in understanding the customers’ needs and wants and anticipating them. Your branding strategy needs to be entwined with the hearts and minds of your customers. In the past, branding meant advertising via TV, radio, newspapers and on hoardings, flyers and other print material. Its about having a constant

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How can the Sri Lankan Tourism Industry take advantage of Social Media

24/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

700 billion, 30 billion, 200 million -These are some of the staggering numbers being associated with the amount of minutes users spend  interacting, uploading and socialising on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Fickr and Youtube. The results suggest that the number is increasing at an almost astounding rate. To put these numbers into perspective – according to Social2B, 700 billion is the number of minutes people spend on Facebook every month. 35 billion is the amount of content shared on Facebook every month! 200 million is the number of Twitter users worldwide. How many of these videos, links and posts are about Sri Lanka, our hotels and our locations? Not nearly enough

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Choosing your Social Media Consultant for Education, Strategy and Management

21/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

It is not a question of whether businesses need to use social media but a question of how well we use it. But, businesses are overwhelmed, under pressure or confused and need to get experts to advise them on how to handle social media and the platforms. Businesses now know that they need to be getting social in order to drive traffic to their websites and generate Return on Investment (ROI). However, the challenge that businesses face is the lack of expertise in social media and the fact that it can sometimes be time consuming. For those of you who are newbies, social media is a vehicle for communicating socially. But while traditional media is one-way, social media is two-way. You have t

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Six A.C.T.I.O.N Steps to attaining Social Media Nirvana – A newbie’s guide

06/10/2011 by Logan Nathan

In an era before social media, in the not too distant past, people used to watch television, not all our friends and half the world knew what we were upto and kids attended class and tried to pay attention. Once social media entered our lives, wives are updated of their husbands’ whereabouts over Foursquare, couples break-up over Twitter, parties are announced over Facebook and home videos are posted on YouTube. Today, social media has infiltrated our lives to such an extent that over 300 million people sign in and updated their Facebook profiles daily!  The harsh reality of social media is that if you are a business, you cannot afford to ignore this new media powerhouse. If you want t

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Facebook’s Major Makeover – Why Businesses can’t ignore it

30/09/2011 by Logan Nathan

If you are a business owner, be it a large multinational, a small business or a cottage industry chances are you have some kind of Facebook presence.  You may have noticed a flurry of activity and changes in your Facebook page and were left wondering what it’s all about. Well it’s not over yet! At the recently concluded F8 conference in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg, introduced some significant changes that may well affect the way we do business – AGAIN!  Watch the Video So let’s take a brief look at these new changes and why you can’t ignore it. The 800 pound gorilla in the room – The Facebook Timeline Everyone is talking about it. You’ve probably heard or read ab

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Hospitality Industry – Servicing your customer through 7 Twitter Secrets

12/07/2011 by Logan Nathan

For those of you who have not heard of Twitter – it is a micro blogging communication platform that has redefined the way the world communicates, shares information and advertises. Twitter is an online communication tool that allows you to post updates that are less than 140 characters that can be viewed by everyone or a restricted group, depending on your settings. If you refer the dictionary for the meaning of the word Twitter, you would find – “a short burst of inconsequential information”. Fig 1 Top Tweeting Nations, Source| With more than 200 million users worldwide and 140 million tweets per day (i.e. ONE BILLION TWEETS PER WEEK!), this platform

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